2024 Research Report

Trade Surveillance Market Review

Understand How Compliance Leaders Are Protecting Their Firms Against Market Abuse and Regulatory Risk

The 2024 Acuiti Trade Surveillance Market Review delves into the rapidly evolving landscape of trade surveillance, addressing the challenges faced by compliance leaders amidst soaring trading volumes and growing market complexity.

This comprehensive report explores key trends such as the surge in alert volumes, the persistent struggle to find skilled staff, and the mounting issue of false positives in trade surveillance. 

Key topics evaluated include:

  • Rising Alerts and Market Complexity
  • Finding Skilled Talent and Building a Culture of Compliance
  • Addressing False Positives
  • Technology and Automation Challenges

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"You have to know that your core is operating as it should and you have a good grasp on it. But once you have that you should always look at innovations."

Martina Rejsjö, Director of Product Management Strategy, Eventus

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2022 Research Report

Getting to the risk quicker

How trade surveillance leaders are dealing with an increasingly complex environment

This independent research report published by Acuiti, in association with Eventus, investigates the challenges facing trade surveillance teams as regulations governing trading have grown in scope, detail and enforcement, and as the sophistication and complexity of trading products and techniques has advanced. The report collated the views of 71 senior trade surveillance, risk, compliance, technology and trading executives at banks, brokerages, and proprietary trading firms.

Key findings:

  • 94% of respondents said that the complexity of trade surveillance has increased over the past three years
  • 61% of firms globally are facing major challenges in hiring skilled staff
  • Firms are increasingly looking to technology for efficiency, with a particular appetite for automation and machine learning with 64% of banks referring to machine learning as either very important or critical
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